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About Us - Sanford Verticals

Sanford Verticals, established in 1987, is a family owned and operated Orlando window treatment company offering quality, locally sourced blinds, shutters, & shades. #wevegotyourglasscovered

Orlando window treatment company Sanford Verticals

The Founder, David Summers, has always been a “people person.” David opened the doors to Sanford Verticals in June of 1987 when a complete stranger, Joe Deeds, offered the startup funds to open and operate a new business. He has always had a huge impact on the client. To this day, when we return to a home after sometimes 25 years, the customers still remember David. He has always made it a point to talk to them and ask them where they are from. Over the past 30 years, David has had the pleasure of working with some of Central Florida’s nicest people. He always says, “I have the biggest family in Sanford.” His industry knowledge, work ethic, and dedication to each client has rewarded him with many returning Orlando customers and close friendships. His quality of work has always been top-notch. He was able to maintain work for over 30 years relying on only word-of-mouth advertising. WOW, NO ADVERTISING! Over the years, David has employed his children – Linda, Vira, Crockett, and Andrew – teaching them the trade and the importance of providing excellent service to the customer.

Overhauling Sanford Verticals

In early 2018, David’s youngest son, Andrew, decided to overhaul his father’s business after spending 5 years as an Operations Manager for a national window covering company. He says, “It was great experience but I wanted to come back and build our family business.” Andrew has overseen thousands of installations ranging from single-family homes to larger commercial building projects across the USA. He brings with him his father’s passion and industry partners. Andrew says, “Dad always liked to keep it simple stupid. It was time we brought the family business into the 21st century using our combined experience and the tools and technology available to us. Plantation shutters, motorization, social media marketing, and promotional events to name a few.”

Fed up with corporate life, Jim Micheli decided to take a chance on a dream and leave a high-paying salary position to join Sanford Verticals. Jim joined as a managing member in 2018. He worked alongside Andrew for 5 years at the previously mentioned national window covering company. Jim single-handedly installed thousands of blinds and shutters in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Las Vegas. He has overseen numerous commercial projects and managed many installation teams throughout Florida.  Jim, Andrew, and David all share a passion for the window covering industry and a strong work ethic.

A lot has changed over the last three decades. However, Sanford Verticals continues to deliver excellent service at a fair price. Cost is kept low by in home consultations (no store front), little to no advertising costs, and sourcing from local suppliers. “We will impress you with our quality of work! When you go with Sanford Verticals, you get more than a window covering, you get an experience! No job is too big, Central Florida. Contact us today!”

Free Estimates. Free Take-down and Haul-away of Old Product. Free Installation. Owners Personally Do All Consultations, Measures, Orders, and Installations.

Need Blinds, Shutters, or Shades? We’ve Got Your Glass Covered!