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Affordable Plantation Shutters from Sanford Verticals

Plantation shutters, which are also referred to by some as plantation blinds, are interior shutters made from vinyl, composite, or wood that have wide louvers that open and close to either block light completely or let it in in varying amounts. They are one of the most popular window covering options in Orlando and are particularly well suited for Central Florida climates.

Plantation Shutters Show Elegance

Louvered plantation shutters bring an elegant and polished look to any room but are ideal for bedrooms, family rooms, and children’s rooms where different amounts of light are desired throughout the day or night. Shutters also offer added insulation that can make your space more energy efficient and are safer for those with little ones in the home since they are cordless and permanently attached to the window frame.


While most customers prefer white, stained wood shutter options are also available for spaces that are more traditional or rustic in design.

Three kitchen windows with Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

This option is the least expensive of the three materials we offer. Vinyl shutters are best suited for areas where moisture or humidity may be a concern, and vinyl blinds are perfect for smaller windows where sagging over time is less likely to occur. Within the vinyl plantation shutter category, numerous options exist, such as hollow vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, vinyl-clad wood, and more. Our team can make recommendations on the best options based on your needs.

Three living room windows with Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite Plantation Shutters

Composite shutters are made from engineered or faux wood, which is MDF wrapped in a vinyl or PVC coating. Much like the vinyl options, they are moisture-resistant and a good option for damp spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. They are sturdier and last longer than vinyl shutters while costing less than solid wood options.

Three small windows with Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood shutters are considered the gold standard – offering high quality and long-lasting durability. They are great for larger windows where their strength-to-weight ratio prevents sagging. They can also be custom stained or painted to match any taste or style unlike vinyl and composite which are only available in prefabricated options.

Sanford Verticals has been sourcing and installing custom plantation shutters in homes and businesses throughout Central Florida for over 30 years. Regardless of which material you prefer or which room you hope to outfit with plantation shutters, Sanford Verticals only offers products that meet our strict quality standards. Our experienced team will offer recommendations to ensure you end up with a product that suits your needs and elevates your space at the same time.

We’ve got your glass covered

To get a free estimate for plantation shutters, click here to contact us. We’re available 7 days a week and eager to prove that there are still companies who care about their customers and get the job done right the first time!

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