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How to Maintain Vertical Window Blinds

Big room with white vertical blindsWith regular use, vertical blinds can get damaged or broken. But with proper care and maintenance, vertical window blinds can last for decades. Follow these simple steps to get the longest life out of your vertical blinds:

Maintain Vertical Window Blinds By Being Gentle

If you’re in the habit of opening or closing the blinds quickly or with a rough motion, you risk damaging the gears that open the blinds. Each blind is attached to its gear mechanism, and if that mechanism is damaged, it can prevent the rest of the blinds from operating correctly. When the vertical blinds are installed on a doorway, it’s also important to avoid walking through the blinds while closed, as this can bend the blinds or damage the gear mechanisms.

Clean Your Vertical Blinds Regularly

Dust doesn’t settle on vertical blinds as quickly as on horizontal blinds, but regular dusting and cleaning are still important. Vertical blinds can be easily cleaned with a feather duster or lint-free dust cloth. At least once or twice a year, take the time to wipe down the header, tracks, and mechanisms. If the blinds are heavily soiled, remove each one and wash it gently with a sponge and soapy water. Blinds can be bent or damaged easily during this process, so be careful and take your time.

Replace Broken or Damaged Vertical Blinds

Since each blind operates individually, if one gets disconnected from the track, the blinds won’t slide, open, or close in unison. You can prevent this by replacing broken or damaged blinds right away. Check the track to ensure the replacement blind is installed on the wire and slider properly.

Keeping your vertical blinds clean and in good working order is the best way to protect your investment and will ensure they work well and look great for years to come.

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