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Exus Wood Shutters

Exus wooden plantation shutters are made from a range of North American natural timbers. Basswood is selected for use in shutters due to its many qualities including its resistance to bowing and warping when kiln dried properly. These shutters have variations of grain and color which are inherent in the beauty of all woods. Every style has its own distinctive character of texture, grain, color, and pattern, which bring the artisan look of handcrafted shutters into your home.


  • There can be many noticeable characteristics of any real wood, which means no two pieces are alike
  • Tiger striping (directional grain pattern change)
  • Bird’s eye – contorted small surface areas forming circular figures that resemble a bird’s eye
  • Knots – Solid knots less than 3/8” are allowed, but they can vary in size, shape structure and color
  • Mineral marks (Minerals may provide dark or discolored areas which the tree extracts from soil; they may be blackish blue streaks or stains)
  • Many finishes available (gloss, antique glaze, distressed, wire brush, knotty)
  • Optional deco sill cap
  • Many frame types guarantee desired look in any circumstance
  • Optional liberty arch
  • Louver sizes include 1 ¼”, 2 ½”, 3 ½”, 4 ½”
  • Build out and frame extension (when applicable)
  • Astragals offer a clean look and provides light block
  • Painted wraparound hinges/hidden hinges available
  • Bi-pass/Bi-fold available
  • French door cut-outs
  • Specialty shapes
  • Optional double hung
  • Available off set tilt rods
  • Mouse holes/double mouse holes
  • Limited lifetime warranty