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Roman Shades

linen roman shades Orlando Florida

The Cambrai Collection takes its name from the ancient town in France, which grew to prominence in the middle ages as the center of linen processing and weaving. Flax from all over the known world was brought to Cambrai and turned into linen fabrics, which were prized for their combination of softness and strength. It is this combination of properties that led to the choice of flax as a base material for this exclusive new collection of shade materials. These patterns interweave flax with decorative elements of bamboo, jute, reeds, hemp and cotton slub yarns to create a stunning range of designs. The result is a collection of soft, light roman shade fabrics, which are also tough and durable enough to withstand years of service.


  • Edge bindings
  • Privacy liners
  • Waterfall option
  • Top-down bottom-ip
  • Cordless available
  • Fabric-wrapped head rail
  • Movable liners
  • Multiple shades on one head rail
  • Motorized available
  • Wand/cord control
  • Inside/outside mount